Robert Nolan

# Talents & Interests

Formally educated in industrial design, my talents blend the art of elegant design with the technical skills of user interaction and software development.

My practice is founded on creating rich, purpose-built interfaces that encourage discovery. I’m a detail driven developer who believes in iteration and constant refinement.

I'm adept with a wide variety of development tools, but most commonly employ React, Node.js, Mocha & Ruby

When possible, I enjoy improving my automated farm and tinkering on vintage automobiles.

I currently on a quest to defeat poor service.

# Endeavors

Customer Direct

Super top-secret stuff. Report back.

Visit Customer Direct

Draw It to Know It

A learning tool for the medical sciences.

Visit Draw It to Know It

StickyList — archived

A framework agnostic javascript module.

Visit StickyList

DOM Destroyer — archived

Experiemental game that explored OO programming with javascript.

Visit DOM Destroyer

Noboleis Vineyards — archived

A family owned vineyard in Augusta, MO

Visit Noboleis Vineyards

# Connect